SSDM2022 Conference Platform How to Attend SSDM2022 Hybrid Conference

Welcome to SSDM2022

With its 54th annual conference being held in 2022, SSDM is one of the most reputable international conferences on the science and technology of devices and materials. SSDM covers a wide spectrum of topics related to solid state devices and materials, extended to those for the multidisciplinary and emerging research fields. Twelve areas have been set up to facilitate active discussion among academia, industry and government.

Key researchers will also be invited from all over the world to present the cutting edge research in the rapidly advancing fields. Your contribution is highly solicited from both industry and academia. A special issue of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) focusing on this conference is scheduled to be published. Exhibition booths will also be set up for companies and agencies that may exhibit devices, technologies and information relevant to the research and development efforts to participants.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID–19, the SSDM2020 and the SSDM2021 were held online (in the virtual format). We are closely monitoring the global infection status of COVID–19 to ensure the health and safety of SSDM conference participants. At this moment, SSDM2022 will be held as a hybrid format (in-person/on-site meeting with virtual components).

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