Financial Support for Overseas Students and Postdoctoral Researchers


Expanded financial support for presenting a paper at SSDM2018 is available for full-time students and postdoctoral researchers living overseas.

Since SSDM is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, financial support is offered on an expanded scale this year:

  • 1.SSDM is able to accept a larger number of applications for the support than usual.
  • 2.Postdoctoral researchers living overseas can also apply (not just students).
  • 3.Extra support will be provided for a very limited number of applicants whose abstracts are highly evaluated.

Please read the eligibility requirements and payment conditions before applying.

Eligibility requirements

  • Your paper must be accepted for presentation at SSDM2018.
  • You must complete online registration.
  • You must be either
    • 1) A full-time enrolled STUDENT in an overseas country/region’s educational institution.
    • 2) A postdoctoral researcher working outside of Japan (within 5 years of obtaining your PhD). Postdoctoral researchers with Japanese citizenship who are working abroad can also apply.
  • The applicant themselves must make the presentation at SSDM 2018 to receive the financial support.

Payment conditions

  • Payment will be made only AFTER completion of the applicant’s presentation at SSDM2018 (this will be confirmed on site).
  • Payment will be made in cash, on site, in Japanese YEN.
  • Support can be given to ONE person per abstract (the presenting author) only.
  • Support will be provided for only ONE abstract per author (even if more than one abstract is accepted).
  • It is mandatory to submit a copy of the evidence that has your airfare written on it.
  • Please note that the maximal amount of support will be notified in your Notice of Acceptance for financial support.

Applications will be open around mid-July.

Applicants will be asked to submit the following documents.
  • 1) Application Form (Download here)
  • 2) Students: A copy of your Student ID Card
    Postdoctoral researchers: A copy of document indicating your affiliation and position
    (A copy of web page of the group you are belonging to is also acceptable.)
SSDM Secretariat e-mail:
Application Deadline: July 26, 2018 9:00 AM (JST) CLOSED

SSDM2018 will check your application and will inform you of the result by the beginning of September. If your application is accepted, you will receive a “Request for Issue Form” by e-mail from the SSDM Secretariat. Submission of this form will be mandatory, along with your original student ID card and passport, in order to receive the financial support. Details will be sent to successful applicants.