Visa Application

Entry to Japan

The following items will be needed to enter Japan.

Please make sure you carefully read the following conditions and check if you meet the requirements before you request. Kindly note that SSDM is not supporting a visa application for the Japan visit which conveys SSDM visit and private sightseeing. In this case please arrange a sightseeing visa on your own.

Applicants must meet all of the following conditions to apply the visa:

  • 1. You have submitted an abstract.
  • 2. Your paper has been accepted.
  • 3. You have completed the online registration.
  • 4. Your registration fee has been paid.

* Please note that if any of above requirements is not met, the visa support cannot be accepted.

The following documents will be issued to the applicants who has meet all of the above conditions:

  • * Invitation Letter
  • * Letter of guarantee
  • * Letter of reason for invitation
  • * Schedule of stay
  • * Certificate of Employment of the Inviter

< Please read the following before applying the visa >

  • Citizens of certain countries/regions must have a short stay visa to enter Japan, please refer to the following website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for details.
  • Since it takes time for obtaining visa, we suggest you to contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate‐General with jurisdiction over your place of residence immediately to ask the detailed procedure and what documents you need to prepare. (In addition to the documents prepared by inviting person/guarantor in Japan, you may be required to present some documents. However, since it depends on the local situation and the purpose of the visit, please contact the Embassy/Consulate‐General.)
  • Please be noted that it may take a week or more to prepare the documents. It may also take time to send you the documents.
  • Please be noted that preparation of visa documents doesn’t mean guarantee of entering Japan. The visa application to Embassy or Consulate‐General of Japan in your country should be proceeded on your responsibility, and the SSDM2024 has no responsibility for that or any cancellation of travel fees including flight tickets, hotel booking, etc. which occurs caused by not being able to obtain a visa.
  • Kindly confirm in advance the details of your transit visa on your own responsibility, if you fly on to Japan via any countries. We will not take a responsibility on it.
  • Regarding Border Enforcement Measures, please keep yourself updated with the latest information through the link below.

Visa Application Deadline

August 8, Thursday (JST = GMT+9)

    In order to prepare visa application documents, we need the following information.
    Please prepare those at your hand when you contact visa support desk.

    • Copy of your passport (in PDF or image files)
    • Occupation
    • Embassy or Consulate-General where you will apply your visa.
    • Flight information (Date/Flight number):
      -Arrival in Japan
      -Departure from Japan
    • The place of stay:
      -Name of hotel/accommodation -Check-in/Check-out date
    Visa guarantee period
    The maximum guarantee period for SSDM2024 is as below.
    From August 30 to September 6, 2024

    * If you wish to extend your stay before or after the guaranteed conference period, you may apply for a tourist visa at the discretion of the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

    SSDM2024 entrusts the Visa support services to Freedom Co., Ltd. Please acknowledge that beforehand and click the “Visa Application” button above if you would like to apply for visa.

    Freedom Co., Ltd.
    2‐35‐14 Nihonbashi Ningyo‐cho Chuo‐ku, Tokyo 103‐0013, JAPAN