Special Talk Session

Date & Time: 16:30-18:00, Sunday, September 1, 2024
Venue: Arcrea HIMEJI, Grand Hall Foyer

Role of academia in the 2-nm-node era and beyond
ーThere are still many things to research at academia ! or ?―

The Rump Session will be renamed to the Special Talk Session this year.
The main theme of the session is “Next generation semiconductor mass production technology”.

Recent advanced CMOS technology has mainly been driven by the international consortium and industry.
However, manufacturing semiconductors has become extremely difficult in 2-nm node and beyond.
To develop the next generation (beyond 2 nm) CMOS mass production technology, it is necessary to consider not only the technical solutions, but also the creation of new interdisciplinary fields and human resource development.
We believe now is the time to accelerate the development of next-generation CMOS technology by introducing university knowledge and young power.

Under the circumstances, we would like to consider and discuss with participants the role of academia in “the 2-nm-node era and beyond” through presentations by leading experts in this field from academia and industry in Japan.

The presentation language will be Japanese, but you can listen to the presentation in English using AI automatic translation.

On the day before SSDM24, let's have a heated discussion in Himeji, where the World Heritage Site of Himeji Castle is located, to bridge the gap between academia and industry!


Rihito Kuroda
(Tohoku Univ./Rapidus Corp.)

Rihito Kuroda

Kazuya Masu
(Tokyo Tech)

Kazuya Masu

Seiichi Miyazaki
(Hiroshima Univ.)

Akira Toriumi

Akira Toriumi
(The Univ. of Tokyo)

Akira Toriumi

Tomonari Yamamoto
(Tokyo Electron Ltd.)

Tomonari Yamamoto

(in alphabetical order)