JJAP Special Issue

To authors of SSDM2024 accepted papers:

Submission of
SSDM2024 Papers to JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024

Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit their original papers on the significant part of their work presented at SSDM2024 to the special issue of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP). JJAP has been published by IOP Publishing on behalf of The Japan Society of Applied Physics. Note that a special rate of publication charge and 1-year free access are applied for the JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024. Online publication of accepted articles will begin as soon as the editing process of each article is completed. Those who wish to submit a paper to the special issue should read through the information below and follow the instructions for preparing manuscripts.

Publication schedule for
the JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024

2024 September 1–4 : 2024 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM2024)
October 6 (Sun.) : Deadline of paper submission to the special issue (online)
* No extension of the deadline is scheduled.
End of October : Starting of review process
Accepted papers will be published online as soon as the editing process of each article is completed.
2025 End of February : Closing of all review process


  • (1) The paper submitted to the special issue should not have the text identical with one appeared in the SSDM2024 Extended Abstracts. The content of the paper should be original and an inclusion of new materials (data, discussion, etc.) is mandatory. The authors are requested to cite their own corresponding SSDM2024 Extended Abstract in the manuscript and to include a brief description in the text about what has been newly added in the present manuscript. (Originality_policy)
  • (2) The manuscript submitted for the JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024 is strongly expected to have no less than 30 references and to be at least 4 printed pages in length. It is encouraged to cite your own previous papers and sufficient numbers of related papers to clarify the originality of your paper.
  • (3) It should be noted that you are not eligible for submission to the JJAP without own presentation at the conference.
  • (4) The submitted paper will be reviewed based on the JJAP standard for an original paper. All papers submitted are not necessarily accepted in the final review.
  • (5) Online publication will start as soon as the editing process of the accepted article is completed.
  • (6) JJAP Special Issues are accepting Regular Paper (RP), Brief Note (BN), and Progress Review (RV). The above items from (1) to (5) are applied in all cases. RVs, which provide concise, efficient overviews covering the latest progresses in a specific research area of applied physics largely based on the recent results from the author(s), can be submitted by the authors who have been recommended from the SSDM Program Committee. The publication of RV is free of charge for the authors.
  • (7) The authors (or their institution) are requested to pay a special rate of publication charge for RP (40,000 JPY or 320 GBP or 400 USD or 350 EUR/article, no limitation of number of pages) and BN (20,000 JPY or 160 GBP or 200 USD or 180 EUR/article). The invoice will be sent to authors by e-mail from IOP Publishing after the online publication.
  • (8) Authors should read the contents of the following URL carefully before submitting papers.
    Author Guidelines
    All papers should be submitted online through the web site. Authors are requested to register as a user for the system to begin the on-line submission. Submission options (Select “Submit an article for JJAP Special Issues”)
  • (9) Authors are requested to enter their Conference program number and Area number in the “Additional Information” field of the submission site.
  • (10)NOTICE: Authors should understand that it might be possible for the re-submitted manuscript after the revision in accordance with the reviewers’ comments to be once rejected by the Guest Editor-in-Charge, G-Ei, (or, the Guest Editor-in-Chief, G-EC) if it could likely take too long time to be again reviewed (and, hopefully, accepted after the reviews) far beyond the deadline for closing all review process of the JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024 above, that is, the end of February, 2025. Even in that case, the authors can re-submit the revised manuscript to a regular issue of JJAP.

Shinjiro HARA, Hiroshi YANO, and Taizoh SADOH
Guest Editors-in-Chief (G-EC), JJAP Special Issue on SSDM2024
SSDM2024 Program Committee

SSDM2024 Program Committee Chair