Presentation Guidelines

SSDM 2021 will be held as an All-VIRTUAL conference. The time schedule will be along with Japan Standard Time (JST). The invited talk consists of 25-min LIVE presentation and 5-min Q&A, while the regular talk is a combination of 10-min ON-DEMAND video previewing and 2-min LIVE short presentation with 5-min Q&A. The authors of regular talks are required to UPLOAD an On-demand Video and to LIVESTREAM their short presentations followed by Q&A in a pre-scheduled time slot.

  • Invited paper: Live ONLY (25-min presentation + 5-min Q&A)
  • Regular paper: On-demand video (10-min) + Live (2-min short presentation + 5-min Q&A)

The on-demand video and live short presentation are preferred to be conducted by the first author. However, one or both of these presentations by one of the coauthors can be considered if you have unavoidable circumstances. In that case, please inform the secretariat ( of the situation.

  • * Please note that if the first author does not conduct either on-demand video or short oral presentation, that paper will be out of the Young Researcher Award candidates.

For Invited Speakers

Time Length Limits

Presentation time Q&A time
Invited speakers 25 min. 5 min.

BELL for invited speakers --- First: Warning / Second: End of the speech / Third: End of the discussion.

Livestreaming Guidelines

For detailed instructions of livestream presentation,
you can find a “Presenter's Manual” on How to Attend (under construction).

For Regular Speakers

Guideline for On-demand Video Presentation of Regular Speakers

Deadline for Uploading

The regular speakers are required to upload a video for their on-demand presentations no later than August 23.

Time Length Limits

The length of the video presentation of the regular speaker is limited within 10 min: All uploaded on-demand video file will be checked if the presentation time is appropriate. If the time limit is exceeded, the authors will be asked to re-upload the revised video. If this requirement is not satisfied even after revision, the paper might be subject to be treated as “no show”.

Uploading Guidelines

After you receive a mail from SSDM online conference site ( which includes your session number, click [ Agree and Video Upload ] to access the video upload site, enter your ID and password, then upload your presentation video file.

ID :
Your session number (indicated in the mail)
Password :
Your registered email address
  • For the on-demand video, the allowed file types are .mp4, .mov, .avi, and .wmv.
  • The size of the on-demand video file must be within 1 GB.
  • If you would like to embed a watermark in your present slide, we encourage you to use templates for the watermarks.

By uploading the video, you are agreeing the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions : The copyright of pre-recorded video and presentation materials belong to the author(s) but they agree to allow SSDM2021 organizer to collect, store and distribute videos exclusively for SSDM2021. Video and presentation materials will not be used for any other purposes.
SSDM will not be responsible or reliable if videos or presentation materials infringe on a third party’s copyrights and other intellectual rights.

Guideline for Livestreaming Presentation of Regular Speakers

Time Length Limits

Presentation time Q&A time
Regular Speakers 2 min. 5 min.

BELL for regular speakers --- First: End of the speech / Second: End of the discussion.

Livestreaming Guidelines

For detailed instructions of livestream presentation,
you can find a “Presenter's Manual” on How to Attend.

Please also refer to
Presentation Items” page.