Rump Session

Rump Session will be held on September 12 from 17:30 to 19:30
at Faculty of Engineering Bldg.2 Room 213.

Sensing the Future! – A great opportunity from physical, chemical and biological sciences –

The objectives of this rump session are to appeal that prospective sensor application needs a tight collaboration with fundamental science, and then to motivate researchers, engineers and managers to design science-driven Internet of Things (IoT) technology for future generations.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology will be utilized for solving various kinds of challenges in our society. While big data and data science attract a great attention, technologies sensing various data physically and/or chemically and converting them into electronic data are now strongly demanded.

In this rump session, fundamental aspects in terahertz physics, taste chemistry, acceleration mechanics, electron spin handling, in addition to advanced integration technology, will be concisely reviewed by academic experts. Next, various sensor applications will be highlighted and promising future prospects will be discussed by industrial/academic experts. Although the relationship between basics and applications is not apparently evident, basic science will surely provide a number of opportunities for innovative sensor applications in all technology areas in SSDM.

Anyone and everyone from students to leading experts is welcome to join this rump session and to discuss science, technology, and applications of future sensors.

Frederic Boeuf STMicroelectronics
Ken Uchida Keio Univ.
Katsuhiro Ajito NTT Device Tehnology Lab
Ippei Akita AIST
Takahiro Arakawa TMDU
Stephan Hofmann University of Cambridge
Yukio Kawano Tokyo Tech
Mikihiko Oogane Tohoku Univ.
Yusuke Tahara Kyushu Univ.
Shuichi Ueno Mitsubishi Electric
Shota Ushiba Murata Manufacturing Company
Kazushi Yoshida Panasonic