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Short Course September 9

Industrial Session September 9

Welcome Reception September 9

Special Short Course September 10

Special Symposium September 10

Conference September 11

Opening and Plenary Sessions September 11

Banquet on the Cruise September 11

Rump Session September 12

Poster Session September 13

Poster Awardees September 13

In the 50th SSDM2018, the Poster Presentation Award was arranged to more activate the poster session. Two excellent presentations were selected by committee chairs, and the award certificate was presented to each of them from the organizing committee chair during the session.
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1. PS-9-16 : Penetration depths of superconducting TiN films estimated from coplanar waveguide resonators / Wei Qiu, NICT

2. PS-4-18 : Impact of Oxygen Radical Treatment on improvement of Al2O3/SiC Interface / Takuma Doi, Nagoya University