Invited Speakers

Area 1 Advanced CMOS: Material Fundamentals, Process Science and Device Physics

Area 2 Advanced / Emerging Memories and New Applications

Area 3 Interconnect / 3D Integrations / MEMS

Area 4 Power / High-speed Devices, and Materials

Area 5 Advanced Photonics: Devices, Integration and Related Technology

Area 6 Photovoltaic / Energy Harvesting / Battery-related Technology

Area 7 Organic / Molecular / Bio-electronics

Area 8 Low Dimensional Devices and Materials

Area 9 Novel Functional / Quantum / Spintronic Devices and Materials

Area 10 Thin Film Electronics: Oxide, Non-single Crystalline and Novel Process

Area 11 Advanced Materials Synthesis and Advanced Characterization

Special Advanced Circuits/Systems Interacting with Innovative Devices & Materials

Topical session 1: Ion/photon coupled systems

Overview: As solid state devices and materials are utilized more than ever in bio, battery, optical sensing/communication applications and so on, ion and/or photon coupled system integrations are increasing their importance. In order to maximize the functionalities of those ion/photon coupled systems, circuit/system and device engineers must understand fundamentals of ionic and photonic behaviors and utilize them into circuit/system design. In the topical session 1, Professor Kazuaki Sawada of Toyohashi Univ. of Technology and Professor Jun Ohta of NAIST will talk about fundamentals of ion and photon coupled systems, and advanced researchers will present their latest works in this field.

Topical session 2: Innovative device based circuits

Overview: Researches on new materials and device structures such as Tunnel FET, Negative Capacitance FET, Graphene, CNT, 2D FETs, Memristors, and so on aiming for further supply voltage reduction and adding more functionalities to LSI have been very active. In order to practically apply these innovative devices into actual circuits and systems, research activities to directly link between processes, materials, devices researches and circuits and systems design are vital. In the topical session 2, Professor Vijaykrishnan Narayanan of the Pennsylvania State Univ. will talk about the whole picture in this research field, and the world delegates will talk about researches on modeling, benchmarking, novel circuits and system architectures leveraging the advanced characteristics of new materials and devices and demonstrate latest system level integrations.