Area 1 Advanced CMOS: Material Fundamentals, Process Science and Device Physics

Area 2 Advanced / Emerging Memories and New Applications

Area 3 Interconnect / 3D Integrations / MEMS

Area 4 Power Devices / High-speed Devices, and Materials

Area 5 Photonics: Devices, Integration and Related Technology

Area 6 Photovoltaic / Energy Harvesting / Battery-related Technology

Area 7 Organic / Molecular / Bio-electronics

Area 8 Low Dimensional Devices and Materials

Area 9 Novel Functional / Quantum / Spintronic Devices and Materials

Area 10 Thin Film Electronics: Oxide, Non-single Crystalline and Novel Process

Area 11 Advanced Materials Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization

Special Advanced Circuits/Systems Interacting with Innovative Devices & Materials