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LAB. TOUR CIRFE Transformative Electronics Facilities

Monday, September 2, 2019
Open : 13:30 to 19:00
It takes 20 min in tours


The Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics - Transformative Electronics Facilities (C-TEFs) is an experimental facility of IMaSS at Nagoya University. It has a large clean room of about 1,000 m2 (Class 1,000 exposure area; Class 10,000 process area) for conducting accelerated crystal growth, device processes, and evaluation in GaN research and development.

  • (1) Submicron processing line specialized for GaN Electronics
    • Complete end-to-end process of GaN power devices from crystal growth to device fabrication
    • Equipment capable of submicron feature fabrication, including an i-line stepper
    • Operation management and contract fabrication services by technical development staff
    • Shared user facility system with fee structure to allow use by outside organizations
  • (2) Target device
    • GaN-on-GaN vertical power device
    • GaN-based optical device
    • AlGaN/GaN lateral HEMT device
    • GaN future device

How to join Lab. tours

A shuttle bus departs in front of a welcome meeting place (ES bldg.) every 20 minutes.
Because it takes more than 15 minutes on foot, we recommend using a shuttle bus.

LAB. TOUR Center for Low-temperature Plasma Sciences (cLPS)

Monday, September 2, 2019
Open : 17:00 to 19:00
It takes 20 min in tours


Low-temperature plasma sciences that are the most important sciences and technologies responsible for the lifeline of manufacturing, and are expected to be innovative in a wide range of other fields such as the medical, agriculture, fishery, and the environment.

Center for Low-temperature Plasma Sciences “cLPS” deepens Low-temperature plasma sciences, which holds the key to future industries and global environment, and explores the unknown possibilities by merging each field to create new value. The purpose is to contribute to the sustainable development for human beings.

Toward that targets, we pursue variety of researches in the world's leading “Plasma Science Platform”, which consolidates and organizes internal resources, joint use and joint research on low-temperature plasma with researchers belonging to industries, universities and other research institutes in Japan and abroad. This platform has area of 2,000 m2, including clean room, biotechnology and agricultural rooms, two shield rooms for atomic-level resolution microscopies, and 154 plasma experimental equipment (most of them are originally-designed).

By breaking the boundaries of various interdisciplinary areas, we will advance the innovative researches as well as the development of challenging and original “plasma science”.

How to join Lab. tours

“cLPS” is located at 4th floor of “NIC” (National innovation complex) building, Nagoya University.
It takes only 2min from subway station “Nagoya Daigaku” to the NIC building on foot.

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